PUTZ Hanna – 59

  • Titel:
    Untitled (Sasha 00)
  • Entstehungsjahr:
  • Technik:
    Color Pigment Print
  • Format:
    59 cm x 46,5 cm
  • Signatur:
  • Rahmen:
  • Rufpreis:
    € 600 (exkl. Rahmen)
  • Aus der Serie:
    Ed. 1/ 4 2. A.P.

geb. 1987 in Wien


In 1971 the first woman acquired a professional motocross rider license, but had to  return that license once it was disclosed that she wasn’t male. During her stay in Yekaterinenburg Hanna Putz met „Sasha“ a female motocross rider and decided to accompany her to her training races. While rejecting bourgeois ideas about “authenticity” the artist appreciates the dissolution of camera awareness in moments the photographed individual has to focus entirely on a task, allowing Putz to come as close as possible to capturing genuine, unaffected expression, to avoid posing and “the epic moment”. A non-interventional approach is one of the pillars of Putz’ oeuvre, by using her camera almost in passing she further manages to mimic the natural eye’s saccadic movements, expanding the medium via successful “glancing”. Putz catches moments in which qualities that are distinctly perceived to be feminine are still appearing, a wariness in the handling of the machine, an almost fostering kind of taking control of the comparatively massive vehicle. As if faced with the care of the circus rider towards its animal, the woman retains grace in the midst of the sludge she is plunging into, like a gentle choreography. In this series consisting of 40 photographs the artist manages to capture close ups of Sasha during the race, revealing the intensity and focus that manifests on the racers face, reminiscent of Douglas Gordon’s & Philippe Pareno’s experimental take on documentary in „Zidane: a 21st century portrait“ – besides the close ups of Sasha’s intensely determined face the artist shows us Sasha relating to her partner and her dog, who seem to switch traditionally ascribed roles and traits organically. Perhaps the most striking fact is that during the race Sasha is not identifiable as a woman. In addition, her nickname, derived from Aleksandra, is used for both, men and women in Russia. Her suit, plastered with advertising, evolves from mere protective measure to a standard bearer uniform, as it is common for any sportsperson. But this just further underlines the contrast between the utilisation of a person for commercial purpose and its egalitarian handling beyond sex and the otherwise accentuated gender oriented contextualisation in our society. Human advertising colums are the traditional heroes of the present era, standing out as the best seems to naturally grant you such honors. Nowadays we have induced this rite of persona as status and currency into various areas, having spread gradually from celebrities to social media phenomenon. Personal preferences become assets, one day they might replace what we call soft skills today. Following Sasha through the race the series ends in a rave, a mass with male nudity on display. In this light the precursory photographs almost seem to be a preparatory act, a dulling, that leads to this apparently harsh event. This series contains fundamental dichotomies, incorporating tenderness and the raw, finesse and impetuosity, often in one photograph. The effortless reconciliation of opposites urges us to question obsolete assumptions and the need for categories.
Text by Sandra Petrasevic , 2017Putz_Hanna


Exhibitionview ‘Nadezhda’ – Trekhgornaya Manufaktura as part of 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, 2016

Awards / Residencies

  • 2016
    • Nomination ‘Visual Leader Awards’ – Best portrait series ‘Habe die Ehre’ for ZEIT Magazin N°48 (DE)
    • SoART Millstättersee Artist in Residence (AT)
    • BKA Scholarship & Atelier Paris (FR)
    • &Creative Fund Recepient 2016 (NL)
  •  2015
    • BKA ‘Start Stipendium 2015’  Scholarship for emerging austrian artists (AT)
  • 2014
    • Nomination ‘FOAM PAUL HUF AWARD 2014’ (NL)
    • Residency ‘Austrian Cultural Forum – Moskau’ (RU)
  • 2013
    • Winner  ‘Best Series’ Renaissance Photography Prize 2013 (UK)
    • Shortlisted Artist ‘Kontinent Awards’ 2013 (UK)
    • ‘One to watch’ 20 Photographers to watch for 2013 voted by the BJP British Journal of Photography (UK)
    • Selected Artist ‘Descubrimientos PHE 2013’ Photo Espana- International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts (ES)
  • 2012
    • Finalist ‘Hyeres Contemporary Photography Prize 2012’
    • Shortlist ’1000 Words Awards’

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2017
  • 2016
  •  2015
    • ‘Letzte Lockerung – Hommage an Walter Serner’ – NKW  Neuer Kunstverein Wien , Wien
    • ‘Zwischen Kraft und Krise’ – LENTOS Museum, Linz
    • ‘The Vacancy’ Galerie Crone , Berlin
    •  ‘Nadezhda’ – Trekhgornaya Manufaktura as part of Moscow Biennale 2016, Moscow
    • ‘Porn,Porn,Porn’ – Eigen+Art LAB, Berlin
    • ‘NEW NEEDS’ – Spalt Haus, Niederösterreich
    • ‘Time to fill up the Glass.Buschmann,Fanta,Putz,Rendl,Ruthner,Thießen,Ulikowski, Zarzeka‘ – Galerie Crone, Berlin
    • ‘DESTINATION Wien 2015’ – KUNSTHALLE Wien, Vienna
  •  2014
    • ‘LET’S MINGLE’ – Franz Josefs Kai 3 (former BAWAG Contemporary) , Vienna
    • ‘Junge Österreichische Fotografie’ – FOTOHOF , Salzburg
    • ‘White Flag. Anna Sophie Berger Hanna Putz Angelika Loderer’ – Lust Gallery , Vienna / ViennaArt Week
    • ‘Photography’s Next. Don’t Stop Now.’ – FOAM Museum , Amsterdam
    • ‘Home Truths. Photography, Motherhood and Identity’ – Museum of Contemporary Photography , Chicago
    • ‘Self-discovery and self-Invention at the boundaries of understanding’ – A.C.F. Moscow
  • 2013
    • ‘Home Truths. Photography, Motherhood and Identity’ – Photographers Gallery, London
    • ‘VIENNA Pop: The School of Happiness’ – VIENNAFAIR , Vienna
    • ‘Renaissance Photography Prize 2013’ – Wapping Project Bankside , London
    • ‘Another Austria’ – A.C.F London , London
  • 2012
    • ‘Make me like it – Die neuen Schnellen’– Vacant Galleries / VIENNAFAIR, Vienna
    • ‘Hyères – Contemporary Photography Prize 2012’ – Villa Noailles , Hyéres
  • 2011
    • ‘No fashion, please!’ – KUNSTHALLE Wien Vienna , Vienna
    • ‘T-I-S-S-U-E’ Sociéte de 032c Presentation – 032c Workshop, Berlin
    • ‘Woodland’ – Pavlov´s Dog Gallery , Berlin
    • ‘Shoot me in the head or buy a painting’- Off Space Studio , Vienna






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