• Titel:
    MIGRANT - from Buuuuuuuuu by GuterStoff for Asyl in Not
  • Entstehungsjahr:
  • Technik:
    Siebdruck / Bio-Baumwolle fair wear zertifiziert
  • Format:
    S, M, L M Woman & Men
  • Signatur:
    10 T-Shirts signed by the artists
  • Rufpreis:
    For everybody... Preis/prize: € 25
  • Aus der Serie:
    Buuuuuuuuu projects

A self declaration, a statement to wear as a flag, black on white: MIGRANT. The word is, at a closer look, made out of of a bird flock. Birds move depending on their needs, they know no nations, just landscape, climate, food possibilities and life quality, at any given time and anywhere.

MIGRANT Project is a limited edition (110 + 10 signed) T-Shirts project by the artistist’s collective Buuuuuuuuu, made in collaboration and support of GuterStoff.com for Asyl in Not, the Austrian association which supports migrants in their asylum application. The Migrant Project T-shirts will be presented and sold at kunstasyl and are available at GuterStoff from now on. PRIZE € 25

Buuuuuuuuu founders are
Aldo Giannotti (www.aldogiannotti.com)
Gianmaria Gava (www.gianmariagava.com)
Pablo Chiereghin (www.pablochiereghin.com)

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-Buuuuuuuuu is a collective artistic action which collects ideas and projects against the authoritarian democracies.
-Buuuuuuuuu’s first goal is the fall of Berlusconi’s Government.
-Buuuuuuuuu uses internet to create an international network of people sharing their artistic actions and using alternative channels of language and communication.
-Buuuuuuuuu aims at transferring the creative commitment from the virtual space to the physical one by organizing actions of constant dissent.


-Buuuuuuuuu é un’azione artistica partecipativa che raccoglie idee e progetti contro le democrazie autoritarie.
-Buuuuuuuuu ha come primo obiettivo la caduta del Governo Berlusconi.
-Buuuuuuu utilizza internet per creare un network internazionale di persone che condividono gli scopi dell’azione artistica e utilizzano canali alternativi di linguaggio e comunicazione.
-Buuuuuuuu vuole traslare l’impegno creativo dal piano virtuale a quello fisico, organizzando azioni ed iniziative di dissenso ad oltranza.

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