85 Pablo Chiereghin

  • Titel:
    Self-Vandalised car
  • Entstehungsjahr:
  • Technik:
  • Format:
    40 x 30 cm
  • Signatur:
  • Rahmen:
  • Rufpreis:
    € 250 (exkl. Rahmen)
  • Aus der Serie:
    Ed. 3 1 AP; Self-Vandalised car
 (8 photos 30x40cm, 1 photo 135x104cm, video PAL 4min - in edition 3 1AP)

Buuuuuuuuu = Pablo Chierghin (85), Aldo Giannotti (86), Gianmaria Gava (87)

Pablo Chiereghin
geb.in Adria (Ro),Italien
lebt und arbeitet in Wien


He graduated in Communication studies in Bologna. Postgraduate in Photography at Central St. Martins, University of Arts of London.

Pablo Chiereghin ’s research focus on social and political dynamics. His actions, performances, interventions are conceived in dialog with the public and often play with the interferences between medium and significance, using cultural ready made to stress the glitches among laws, rules, behaviours, stereotypes languages, and products.

Co-founder of the collective Buuuuuuuuu.net.
Represented by Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna.

Solo exhibitions (solo), duo exhibition (duo) and solo project-performance

• “Kleiderspende” Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Vienna, AT
• “Police. We for you. You with us” Galeria Tir, Nova Gorica, SLO
• “Police. We for you. You with us” Galeria Tir, Nova Gorica, Slovenia (8-31 May) (solo)
• “Drop out of sight”, with Aldo Giannotti, Lust Gallery, Vienna, (14 – 28 May ) (solo)
• “A trip between two imaginary points” permanent street signs installation, Strada Romea, Italy
• “Bank Club”, performance (3 March)
• “Holiday Pictures” 4e7artforum, performance and video installations, Vienna (17-27 Apr) (solo)
• “Ooops” interactive sculpture in Augarten, Graz – Supported by KÖR (30 July – 23 Sep)
• “Austellung”, Tobecontinued gallery, Vienna (10 May – 2 Jun)
• European Month of Photography, “Privacy Matters” Anzenberger Gallery (2 Dec-29 Jan 2011) (duo)
• “Hi I’m Pablo Chiereghin, I come from Adria” Das weisse haus Vienna (2 Feb – 13 Mar) (solo)
• “Pablo Chiereghin. They say I seem clever” MiCamera gallery, Milano, (14 Oct – 22 Nov) (solo)
• “Birthday Suit”, The Window Gallery, London, in coll. with Barbican Art Gallery (Nov 07 and Jan 08)

Group Exhibitions (selected)
• “Bagarino” performance, Kunstforum Bank Austria, Vienna, AT (upcoming)
• Parallel art fair, with Marcello Farabegoli projects, Vienna AT (upcoming)
• “Walking. Arte in cammino” Tolmezzo, IT (upcoming)
• “Austrillion to come” exhibition in “Back to Athens” festival, Cheapart Gallery, Athens, GR
• “Die weisse ab-haus-verkaufskunstschau #5” das weisse haus, Vienna, AT
• “Kunstzelle 10 Jahre” performance, WUK, Vienna AT
• “Objekte” Theater am Spittelberg, Vienna, AT
• “BYOV bring your own video” partecipative video installation, Atelier Glockengasse 8A, Vienna ,AT
• “In Piazza“ performance Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels Vienna, curated by Marcello Farabegoli, AT
• “Doin’t right” performace & party with Michicatzu Matzune, Brut Vienna, AT

• “Social Glitch“ Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, AT
• “Moving not moving” Gallerie Laurence Bernard, Geneva, CH
• “Feuer und Flamme” Museum des Stiftes Admont, Admont, AT
• “Perpetuum Mobile” Vienna Art Week, Kunst Haus, curated by Marcello Farabegoli, Vienna, AT
• “Modell#1”, “Modell#2” and “Small” Kunstraum Super, Vienna, AT
• “Artmart” Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT
• “The local artist is present”, Trieste, IT (artist talk and screening)
• “Modell” Collini Areal, Hohenems, AT
• “Living Monuments” MLZ Gallery, Trieste, IT (artist talk and screening)
• “Die Wiesse haus Kunstschau”, das wiesse haus, Vienna, AT
• “ArTs festival” Festival arte in spazio pubblico, Trieste, IT
• “Subpop”, Popmuseum, Vienna, AT

• “Objective Point of View” brut-Kunstlerhaus; Vienna
• “aNOther Festival” Konzerthaus-brut, Vienna
• “Salotto Vienna” MAK Trieste (artist talk and screening)
• “Jahresgabenausstellung”, das weisse haus, Vienna
• ”Deltarte Festival” Parco del Delta del Po, Italy
• “There is no current exhibition”, andata.ritorno Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
• Photon Gallery, Lijubliana, Slovenia (artist talk and screening)
• Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste, (artist talk and screening)
• “Kunstgastgeber Gemeindebau” Projekt von KÖR, Vienna
• ”Deltarte Festival” Museo della Bonifica, Taglio di Po, Italy
• “All the times that i told the story of my Place” performance National Archeological Museum, Adria Italy
• ”Jahreausstellung” das weisse haus, Vienna
• ”Unterholz” and “Interpersonal influence initiative screaning” Aparat, Vienna
• ”How to Disappear completely” with Aldo Giannotti performance, das weisse haus, Vienna
• “Multimart”, Vienna Art Fair and Gumperdorferstrasse, Vienna
• “Poli di Attrazione” Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Vienna
• “Jahresgabenausstellung” das weisse haus, Vienna
• “The Family” Lust Gallery, Vienna
• ”Declining Democracy” with Buuuuuuuuu.net, La strozzina, Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze (Sep-Jan 2012)
• ”MetaMart – Kunst und Kapital” Kunstlerhaus, Vienna
• ”Free Port of Art” Trieste Biennale, Magazzino 26, Trieste
• “NeoSI” at Schattendof Kunstverein curated by Amer Abbas, Schattendof
• “ArtMart”, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna
• “Klang/Farben Film/Musik”, European Center for Culture, Belgrade
• ”When a ball dreams, it dreams it is a frisbee”, Rondo, Graz
• “The collective body”, Liquid Loft studio – Grundkino, Vienna
• “Be my Guest” performance with Aldo Giannotti, at Kittycorner, Berlin
• “Love Nest” Wannabe Gallery, Milan
• ”Siteshow” London, UK
Articles (selected)

Die Presse
“In Triest zeigst sich Wien in Salon” MAK Salotto Vienna (12th Aug 2014)

features “Bank Club”, (Apr 2013) and “The Scam” (Jan 2012)

features “Bank Club” (May 2012) and “Un Sorso di Romagna” (6th Nov 2012)

Die Presse
features “Un Sorso di Romagna” Multimart (4th Nov 2012)

, features “Portraits with telephone numbers”, 30 photos (Jan 2011)

SNOB magazine
, Russia, feaurures 14 pages Portfolio of “Picture of a Lie” (Jul-Aug 10)

GQ Italy
, interview, in the New talents columns, (Feb 10)

, features “Pablo Chiereghin. They say I seem clever” (Nov-Dec 2008)

features “Pablo Chiereghin. They say I seem clever” (Oct 2008)

, portfolio publication 3 pages (n.5, Spring 2008).

, RAI 3, buys Birthday Suit for RAI National TV, as a trailer of the TV-show (Feb-Apr 2008).

Reinische Zeitung.de
features “Birthday Suit” (Mar 2008)

, features “Birthday Suit” with a gallery of 26 photos (Jan 2008)
Catalogues and pubblications
• ”Art and Politics Now” by Anthony Downey, Thames and Hudson (upcoming 2014)
• ”Kunstgastgeber Gemeindebau” KÖR, project catalog, 2014.
• “Art in public space Styria Projects” Ambra/v, ISBN 978-3-99043-568-7, 2013.
• “Die Weissen Jahre” Das Weisse Haus, ISBN 978-3-902829-47-4, 2012
• “Declining Democracy” Silvana Editoriale, La strozzina, Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze, 2011.
• “Free port of Art”. Trieste Biennale, CEI, 2011.
• “Eyes on Monat der fotografie Wien”, ISBN 978-3-902675-46-0, 2010.
• ”Portraits with telephone numbers” project catalog, 2010.
• “Pablo Chiereghin. They say I seem clever”, catalog, Noiza, 2008.
• BMUKK Ministry of Culture and Arts, Austria,
• Gesellschaft der Freunde der Bildenden Kunst, Wien
• Private collections
Art Fair & Auctions
• Vienna Artfair 2012
• ArtVerona, 2010
• Dorotheum 18. Benefizauktion Wien, 2012
Prizes, Grants & Residencies
•Ivan Moudov ́s “Air Drawing Contest” winner with “A line from here to home” Mumok, Vienna, 2013
•Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark support the project Ooops in Augarten Graz, 2010
•Rondo, Graz, artist in residence, 2010 the project Ooops in Augarten Graz, 2010
•Rondo, Graz, artist in residence, 2010

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