77 Tim Sharp

  • Titel:
    Stanley Park, Vancouver 49 18' 27'' N 123 08' 25'' W
  • Entstehungsjahr:
  • Technik:
    C-Print, AP
  • Format:
    77 x 70 cm
  • Signatur:
  • Rahmen:
  • Rufpreis:
    € 400 (exkl. Rahmen)
  • Aus der Serie:
    AP (2/2), Ed. 5 2 AP First Contract

Lisl Ponger (75, 76) → Tim Sharp (77)

Tim Sharp
geb. 1947 in Perth, Schottland
lebt und arbeitet in Wien

In recent years Tim Sharp has been concerned with the mechanisms and patterns of power involved in the (re)construction of historical, cultural and personal memory and with intersecting social and political issues that continue to have present-day relevance. Many of his photo and installation works continue to explore the relationship between image and text. His films also explore the mutability of the documentary assertion made by lens-based images and the relationship of image to sound.

He has taken part in many national and international shows and screenings.

First Contract
2010 | Series of 9 colour photos, each 77 cm x 70 cm (unframed) | Edition of 5 + 2 AP

First Contract (2010) is part of a work group that includes the object, Chain Reaction, and the video installation, Little Mountain. It consists of a series of 9 photographs concerned with the complex ramifications of the Western insistence on quantifying land, thus transforming it from being primarily a place which confers local identity and a place to live into an object of trade and speculation. The photos also reflect on the colonial dispossession of the original inhabitants of the north American continent, especially the First Nation peoples of Canada by using ‘flagging’—plastic ribbons normally used to mark property borders—in lines or triangles and ironically re-creating the Euclidian geometries of surveyor rituals of appropriation and possession. This is still contested territory.

All of the photos were taken in the proximity of the 49th parallel—49°N—the border between Canada and the USA. This line of latitude also runs through a few kilometres of Waldviertel, Austria, where it crosses the 15°E meridian. This turns place into time at a site so close to the Czech border that for almost fifty years it was effectively off limits.

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