40 Anna Kinbom

  • Titel:
    Fox Painting Disappeared
  • Entstehungsjahr:
  • Technik:
    Digitalprint, Künstlerrahmen
  • Format:
    20,5 x 24 x cm
  • Signatur:
  • Rahmen:
  • Rufpreis:
    € 300

Anna Kinbom
geb. 1980 in Stockholm
lebt und arbeitet in Stockholm

2011-2013 MFA Royal Institute of Art (KKH) Prof. Olav Westphalen
2010-2012 Enrolled, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien (AkBild) Prof. Carola Dertnig
2008-2011 BFA Royal Institute of Art, Prof. Olav Westphalen
2002-2005 Birkagårdens Konstskola, Stockholm
2001-2002 Klassiska Konstskolan, Stockholm
2000 Political Science 11 University points, Stockholm University
1999 French Language and Society, one semester, Sorbonne University, Paris

2014 Clara Lachmann Foundation (with Sonia Hedstrand)
2013 Stig Hedberg Travel Grant for Painters
2012 KKH Grant Khoj International Artists’ Assosiation New Delhi
2012 Winner of KKH image competition, with Michalina Mistrzak
2011 Helge Ax:son Johnssons Foundation
2011 Brucebo Travel Grant
2010 Stiftelsen Petersenska hemmet
2010 EE-medel, KKH Artistic Research Grant for “The Drum Teacher”
2010 Fredrika Bremer Fund

Anna Kinbom has studied Performative Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and holds an MFA from Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Anna has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally, most recently at Moderna Museet and Candyland in Stockholm, LARU15 Performance festival in Helsinki and the festival Maratón LODO in Buenos Aires.

Anna Kinbom works with text based performances, micro histories and different alter egos. She uses the stage for different ”anti performances” which means she works with a resistance to entertainment in art. Writing is the motor of her work – supported by the awkward body.

Anna Kinbom is a member of the art collective and research project 0s+1s (SE/U.K.) and one half of the performance duo The Drinking Brothers (SE). During 2013 she organized Videography Collective On Tour (with six swedish video artists) and screened videos in Brussels, Helsinki, Amsterdam and Vienna. She also co-curated two performance events: 15 Minutes of Shame in Stockholm (2014) and Stand Up and Perform! in Brussels, BE (2013).

Solo Shows and Performances
2015 A Solo Show, Dryckesbröderna/ The Drinking Brothers Perfrormance and solo exhibition, Galleri Candyland, Stockholm SE (with Sonia Hedstrand)
2015 Poetry Workshop Performance/workshop curated by Catrin Lundqvist in After Babel Moderna Museet, Stockholm SE
2015 Sea Star Bar and Gallery Performance curated by Max Ockborn, Studio Mossutstälnningar, Stockholm SE
2015 Display for Live Performance Exhibition and performance, Cigarrvägen 13, Hökarängen, Stockholm SE
2014 The Drinking Brothers Amongst Pines and Junipers Performance at Go|c|art Gallery Visby SE
2014 Anna Kinbom at TallkottTalk Performance curated by Jens Evaldsson, Brunkebergstorg, Stockholm SE
2014 Lixo Palermo/Palermo Garbage Performance at Hostel Redención Buenos Aires AR, with Alaide Batista
2013 The Drinking Brothers at Stockholm<3Dance Performance curated by Helena Arnheden Bunker/Stockholm Fringe Fest (STOFF) SE 2013 3 Events Exhibition MFA Thesis Solo exhibition, Galleri Mejan Stockholm SE 2012 The Inquisite Corpse Solo exhibition at Black Box, Royal Institute of Art (KKH) Stockholm SE 2012 MARS500 Crystal Beacon Art Space, with Gustav Franklin 2012 Almost Scrolling Solo exhibition at Black Box KKH SE 2011 Room With a View Galleri Gocart Visby, with Magnus Dahl SE 2010 Peter Pan Cleans My House Solo exhibition, Uppsala Stadsteater, Uppsala SE 2010 The Reading Comprehension Performance at Black Box KKH SE 2009 The Reading Reception Performance and exhibition, Borderline KKH SE 2009 Smaragden Johnsson Solo exhibition Galleri B:fors, Stockholm SE 2004 Women and Girls Solo exhibition, Galleri Korn, Stockholm with Linda Lindwall SE Unannounced performances 2015 Love, non-pragmatism and rationalism Facultad de Filosofía y Letras Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina 2015 Love, non-pragmatism and rationalism Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2014 World Cup Performance São Paulo, Brazil Performance Events 2015 LARU15 Performance Evening Vartiosaari Helsinki FI 2015 Opening of LARU15 Human Era in Lauttasaari, Helsinki FI 2015 AWAY DAY II by Klas Eriksson, curated by Susanne Ewerlöf, Verkstad Norrköping SE 2015 PALS Performance Art Links Fylkingen, Stockholm SE 2015 Galleri 54: Konstkarusellen Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm SE 2014 15 Minutes of Shame Cigarrvägen 13 Hökarängen Stockholm SE curated by Kulturtanterna aka Sonia Hedstrand, Anna Kinbom and Rut Karin Zettergren 2013 The Drinking Brothers at Konstnärshuset They Know I am Listening exhibition by Marjaleena Sillanpää, Stockholm SE 2013 Stand Up and Perform! Co-producer and performer, Paulig Residence, Brussels BE 2013 Context in Flux Baltic Art Center Visby SE 2013 BOMB Platform Stockholm, curated by Olav Westphalen and Roger von Reybekiel SE 2013 Sleeping Bag Concert at Fylkingen, with Cecilia Josefsson, Stockholm SE 2013 Her Noise Symposium Oslo Samtidskunstmuseum, with Catti Brandelius 2012 Rundgang: Some Exersice in Complex Seeing is Needed AkBild Vienna AT 2011 Troubling Research – Performing Knowledge in the Arts xHibit, Wien, Performance evening in the exhibition, curated by Carola Dertnig 2011 Concert with Fred Kinbom Latest Music Bar, Brighton UK 2011 Hägerstens Botaniskas Östersjögala Högkvarteret Stockholm SE 2011 Rundgang: Over under and around – Next week bring in a new piece AkBild Vienna AT 2010 Gudars Skymning Bredäng Stockholm SE with Calle Holck 2010 Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgård/ Sofia Hultin Konstfack, Stockholm with Calle Holck 2010 Riot Grrl Klubb Högkvaretet, Stockholm curated by Karin Gille 2010 Club Cookie Jar Högkvarteret Stockholm SE curated by Kakan Hermansson 2010 Nya perspektiv Västerås Konstmuseum, Västerås SE 2010 Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgård Stockholm Årsta SE 2009 The Harder They Come Galleri Bastard, Stockholm SE 2009 Lunch Melody Performer and producer with Catti Brandelius, Performance Stage at Royal Institute of Art SE 2008 One Minute Academy Galleri Bastard, Stockholm 2008 Smaragden Johnsson Solo act performed at Extracelestial Lectures Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm Galleri Hangups Stockholm, Galleri So Stockholm, Paradiso II Teaterfestival, Turteatern, Kärrtorp SE 2003 The Dragonz by Valeria Montti Colque at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm Art Fair, Diesel New Art and Moderna Dansteatern Stockholm SE Screenings 2015 Maratón LODO (Videodanza section) Club Cultural Matienzo Buenos Aires, AR 2015 Distant Relations GoCart Gallery, Visby SE 2014 Videography Collective On Tour XL Art Space, Helsinki FI 2013 Videography Collective On Tour Sign6, Brussels BE 2013 Zeros + Ones Arbeit Gallery London, UK—Online version Here 2013 Videography Collective On Tour Bar du Bois, Vienna, AT 2013 Videography Collective On Tour Lost Property, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2013 Videography Collective On Tour Butcher’s Tears, Amsterdam Netherlands 2013 Paulig Residence Open Studios Brussels Belgium BE 2013 Mejan at Moderna Bar Moderna Museet Stockholm SE Group Shows 2015 LARU15 Human Era Nordic Environmental Art Exhibition 2015 The Artist Travelogue Galleri Go|c|art, Visby SE 2015 YYYYMMDD.de Interview and online exhibition curated by Daniela Grabosch and Ricardo Almeida Roque, Vienna AT 2014 Cyberfeminist Texts: Our Response Online project with 0s+1s, launched in London and Stockholm 2014 GOLDEN DUST BALLS Show by artist Jenna Collins, Extractor Space Deptford London, UK (with Sonia Hedstrand) 2014 Fleshy Filter Online project with 0s+1s, launched in London, Stockholm and Buenos Aires 2013 24 SPACES — A Cacophony Malmö Konsthall SE 2013 Karbenning Biennal Västmanland SE 2013 MFA Graduation Show KKH, Konradsberg Library Stockholm SE 2013 A Matter of Language Arresten Stockholm SE 2012 Fittja Open Botkyrka Konsthall Fittja SE 2012 Open Studios KKH, Stockholm SE 2011 Bücherinnen, -die Salon fur Kunstbuch, Vienna AT 2011 Urban Fabric 2 Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, Ireland 2011 BFA Graduation Show Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm SE 2010 ARTmART Kunstlerhaus, Vienna AT 2010 Sumiko Musashino Art University, Tokyo JP 2010 KKH BBQ Skulpturenpark, Berlin GER 2010 Fire Mobila Konsthallen, Stockholm SE 2009 Writings and Observations Labyrint 09 Botkyrka Konsthall, Tumba SE 2009 Old Media–New Work Verkstad, Norrköping SE curated by Susanne Ewerlöf 2008 Opening Show KKH Stockholm SE 2008 Call me Miss President Hallonbergen Kulturcentrum SE Bibliography 2014 Troubling Research Editors: Carola Dertnig and Diedrich Diedrichsen, Sternberg Press, Berlin DE 2013 tsnoK.se Pinsamheter 2013 Catalogue Master Exhibition KKH, Stockholm SE 2013 FRANZ THE LONELY AUSTRIONAUT #8 Vienna AT 2012 FRANZ THE LONELY AUSTRIONAUT #6 and #7 Vienna AT 2012 This is Activate Emanuelle and Zimmy B Roehampton University London UK 2011 Bücherinnen, -die, AkBild Vienna AT 2011 Poetry Workshop in Wien Self published, Edition: 10, Digitaldrück.at Vienna AT 2011 Catalogue Bachelor Exhibition KKH, Stockholm SE 2010 Kulturtidskriften Cora, Smaragden Johnsson, Stockholm SE 2010 Sweden In The Time Bokbål Förlag, Stockholm SE 2009 Labyrint-09 Labyrint Press, SE Press YYYYMMDD.de 20150530 interview NME Linda –II São Paulo BR, 20140818 ART:I:CURATE 20140710 ”In Focus: Art Collectives” Kirsi Hyötylä Dagens Nyheter 201305 ”Men hur hänger det ihop?” Dan Jönsson Der Standard, Vienna, AT 20111201 Dagens Nyheter 20100412 ”Tuppfestivalen på Uppsala Stadsteater”, Leif Zern Upsala Nya Tidning 20100411 ”Vackert och angeläget”, Sebastian Johans Upsala Nya Tidning 20100218 ”Vägra TV och Facebook”, Sebastian Johans Professional Jobs 2015 Teaching at Gävle Konstskola SE, Video and Performance 1 week workshop with Sonia Hedstrand 2012 Fluxus Speed Date Workshop for teenagers in Performance Art, Index Stockholm curated by Diana Baldon 2012 Artist assistant for artist Anastasia Ax at Moderna Museet, Stockholm SE 2011 Professor assistant for Prof. Sigrid Sandström at KKH, Stockholm SE 2008-2013 Assisting artist Catti Brandelius in many pieces, Stockholm and different cities in Sweden, Copenhagen DK Residencies and workshops 2015 BAC– Baltic Art Center Visby SE 0s+1s 2015 LAB Dance Programme Iaspis Swedish Arts Grants Committee 2014 BAC– Baltic Art Center Visby SE The Drinking Brothers on Gotland, with Sonia Hedstrand 2013 BAC– Baltic Art Center Visby SE Context in Flux One week group residency at BAC, curated by Lívia Páldi and Olav Westphalen, with Roger von Reybekiel, Pella Kågerman and Andreas Fägerskiöld 2013 Abisko Polar Research Station The Big White Royal Institute of Art Workshop Abisko SE 2012 Khoj International Artists’ Association, Workshop New Delhi India 2011 Urban Fabric workshop Cork Ireland 2010 Musashino Art University exchange workshop Tokyo JP Member of KRO, the Artists Organisation in Sweden

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