39 Thomas Albdorf

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  • Technik:
    Pigmentprint auf Barytpapier
  • Format:
    60 x 48 cm
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  • Rufpreis:
    € 700 (exkl. Rahmen)
  • Aus der Serie:
    Ed. 2 / 5 2 AP; Serie "Forest Chants"

Stefanie Moshammer (40) → Thomas Albdorf (39)

Thomas Albdorf
geb. 1982 in Linz

Awards and Grants
ING UNSEEN Talent Award
ARTE Creative Award – Portfolio Review Düsseldorf
FOAM Paul Huf Award – nominee
Austrian ministry for Arts an Culture – starting grant art photography
British Journal of Photography – selected as one of 30 international photographers to watch in 2014: “One’s to Watch 2014”
Ö1 Talent Grant Fine Art 2013 – finalist

Thomas Albdorf‘s main interest focuses on photography and sculpture – in particular, the intersection area between both practices, their shifting perceptions, the contemporary status quo of the photographic image and the decontextualization caused by internet distribution, whereas the internet functions as an important medium to distribute and communicate his work. He conceives photography not as the single act of releasing the shutter, but as chain of decisions that ranges from the object’s or subject’s staging to post-processing and a potentially final print. Thereby the analogue negative doesn’t officiate as an enclosed photograph rather than a space of possibilities and probabilities, primarily enabled via digital post production. These alterations leave their visible mark in the final work, revealing their source as well as bringing their conditions of production up for discussion.

Thomas Albdorf was born in Linz, Upper Austria in 1982. After working for several years as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, he studied Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, where he graduated in 2013. His work has been exhibited throughout galleries in Austria, Germany, Sweden, UK & the United States, and he has been featured / interviewed in magazines and blogs like FOAM Magazine, British Journal of Photography, It’s Nice That, Phaidon UK, Computer Arts Magazine and many more. He currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Given the pervasive influence that photography has on our social landscape, it is no surprise that artists have taken the opportunity to fundamentally reconsider those terms by which the medium operates. One of the clearest responses has been a “sculptural” one, that is to say, an examination of material properties and the work of Thomas Albdorf fits comfortably within this rubric, though without being entirely confined to it. Indeed, to assert that this work is concerned with photography is perhaps to define it too narrowly. Although his most immediate subject is undoubtedly photographic, this does not mean that Albdorf is engaged in a debate about what photography can be in and of itself. This is merely where the work begins, not some essential definition of what photography is as a medium, but rather a set of propositions aimed at discerning how photographs act – that is to say, what they do, as photographs. It seems that the most significant concern for Albdorf is to expose the mechanisms of representation by using them in a reflexive or even contradictory manner. His diverse approach is ideally situated to untangle the mesh of possibilities that define photography as a medium – and which, in turn, determine how it is used. This work poses the question of what, if anything, we might find outside the conventional “limits” of the image.
Darren Campion, 2014

Solo Exhibitions

(upcoming – February 2017) Thomas Albdorf / General View, DELI Gallery, NY / USA
(upcoming – May 2017) Thomas Albdorf / General View, Webber Gallery Space, London / UK

Thomas Albdorf / When Rainbows Melt Into Hills, DELI Gallery, NY / USA
Thomas Albdorf / Oh Fail, You Beauty, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna / Austria
Thomas Albdorf / Former Writer: Colour on Surface, Platform Gallery, Seattle WA / USA

Thomas Albdorf / Former Writer: Colour on Surface, Galerie ART, Brno / Czech Republic
Thomas Albdorf / Tim Dannenberg, Mauve Offspace, Vienna / Austria

Group Shows

Land Forms (curated by Tate Shaw and Gregory Eddi Jones), Visual Studies Workshop, NY / USA
A Great Sum (In Parts), Osnova Gallery, Moscow / Russia
New Flesh, Rubber Factory, NY / USA
High Summer, Foley Gallery, NY / USA
66e édition de l’exposition Jeune Création, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Pantin, Paris / France
Feira Plana, Museum for Image and Sound (MIS), São Paulo, Brazil

Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano / Italy
Current Obsessions (curated by Wandering Bears), Webber Gallery Space, London / UK
Mimic (curated by Paddy Johnson and Marsha Owett), Air Circulation, NY / USA
So What, Doomed Gallery, London / UK
The Longest Nose, Mauve Offspace, Vienna / Austria
Spring, Kunstverlag Wolfrum, Vienna / Austria
Photography (curated by Diego Diez), Re-View, Cordoba / ESP

Thomas Albdorf / Tina Lechner / Christiane Peschek / Agnes Prammer & Johann Schoiswohl / Hanna Putz / Sabine Schwaighofer / Katarina Šoškic, Fotohof, Salzburg / Austria
Trump L’Oeil: Paintings in other media, The Blue House Art Gallery,Dayton, OH
All In, Gallery Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna / Austria
Fluorescent Corpse, Neon Heater Gallery, Findlay, OH / USA
VICE 2014 Photo Show: Trompe L‘Oeil, Pioneer Works, NY / USA
BLOG RE-BLOG (curated by Max Marshall and Paul Paper), Austin Center for Photography, Austin TX / USA
DELIBERATE OPERATIONS (curated by Lodret Vandret), Nextart Gallery, Gothenburg / Sweden
DELIBERATE OPERATIONS (curated by Everything Is Collective), Neon Heater Gallery, Findlay, OH / USA

BLOG RE-BLOG (curated by Max Marshall and Paul Paper), Signal Gallery, NY / USA
What You Want (curated by Matthew Leifheit), The Camera Club of New York, NY / USA
Former Writer: Colour on Surface @ M&C Saatchi Corporate Online Gallery
MULTISTABLE (curated by Sarah Duncan), The Owl, Austin TX / USA
Former Writer: Colour on Surface, Heiligenkreuzerhof / University of Applied Arts, Vienna / Austria
Sraunus Cardiff (curated by Paul Paper & Rowan Lear), Arcadecardiff, Cardiff / UK

Aufheben (curated by Aaron Hegert & Zachary Norman), Fuller Projects Gallery, Bloomingten, IN / USA
Sraunus Gothenburg (curated by Paul Paper), Nextart Gallery, Gothenburg / Sweden
The Essence 12, Künstlerhaus Vienna / Austria
Aint-Bad Magazine / Issue Three: Hyperlinked Exhibition, Little Beasts Gallery, Savannah, GA / USA
hm und mh, Hufak Off Space, Universität für angewandte Kunst, Vienna / Austria
Naked Fire, Kunstpavillon Tiroler Künstlerschaft, Innsbruck / Austria
Mit sofortiger Wirkung – Interventionen “Again & Again”, Kunsthalle Wien / project space Karlsplatz, Österreich
imitation imitation, Hufak Off Space, University of Applied Arts, Vienna / Austria

Universals (curated by Oliver Udy), Fringe Arts Bath, Bath / UK
remove – reuse – recycle, Forum Stadtpark, Graz / Austria
Japan Charity Exhibition, gallery base level, Vienna / Austria
Kunstüberforschen, schikaneder, Vienna / Austria

schik IV – Family, schikaneder, Vienna / Austria
Videoromanzen 2, Herbert-Gerisch-Stiftung, Neumünster / Germany
Holy Ghost @ Off Modern (curated by Holy Ghost Zine), London / UK
Other Dimensions, schikaneder, Vienna / Austria

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